Discord Deleting Channels bulk messages with mee6

Hey, Mee6 Bot with it can be tiring to delete discord channel messages one by one. Your text channel also deleting all messages produces or received within two weeks. Mee6 allows us to delete the user or your own messages

if you’re a server owner or Admin, bots can help you delete messages in bulk. The most popular and powerful one mee6. I will be using teach

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Deleting Channels bulk messages using Mee6 bot

Discord deleting all messages or deleting cheannels bulk messages

Mee6 Bot Setup

Official MEE6 bot’s site Click on the official site. Site: https://mee6.xyz/


Add to Discord Channel mee6 bot
Mee6 bot for add to the discord

Okey, Click on the “Add to Discord” button


discord mee6 bot authorize button
Discord Mee6 bot Authorize Screen

We’ll confirm the bot’s permissions. Click on the “Authorize” button.


discord mee6 bot select bot and authorize
Discord Mee6 Bot Role Authorize Screen

Click on the Setup Mee6 button next to the select The server you want to be included.

Mee6 User manual comes automatically as a private message.

Mee6 Dashboard

Now that we have activated our bot on the server, let’s do the authorization, please follow the steps.


Discord Mee6 Bot Web Dashboard
Mee6 Bot Web Dashboard

Official Mee6 bot, Click on the Dashboard. Site: https://mee6.xyz/dashboard/

The “Moderator” box is activated by the “Yes” button.


Mee6 Dashboard Commadns

Let’s activate the “!Clear” feature under the “Commadns” title. Standard appears active. You can go back to your server and start deleting channel bulk messages.

How to use the delete command?

Let’s look at that. Let’s join a text channel for messages you want to delete. Let’s delete a message now!

Discord deleting channels bulk messages with mee6
!clear 20

Press Enter or Send to execute the command. That will delete only the 20 last message. (20 value just example)

!clear @BTomer

if you want to delete a user the message (Default 1000 messages)

!clear @BTomer 500

if you want to delete a user the 500 message (500 value just example)


  • If the server is not yours, you may not be able to delete it. Because you are not Authorized.
  • Can’t delete past 2 weeks messages
  • You can use two commands to delete messages from the text channel.

Stay healthy (:

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